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(Extracted from Annual Report 2015)

Building Strength

PLife REIT has successfully delivered yet another year of steady growth. PLife REIT's robust fundamentals, favourable rental lease structures and deep market expertise will ensure sustainable returns and steady growth as it builds on its strengths. PLife REIT owns a well-diversified portfolio of 47 properties valued at approximately S$1.64 billion as at 31 December 2015.

Steady Financial Performance At A Glance

  1. Reclassification of certain property expenses to management fees
  2. Includes distribution of divestment gains (after tax) of S$9,110,000 in relation to the divestment of seven Japan properties in December 2014
  3. The number of units used to calculate the DPU comprise of units in issue and issuable as at 31 December of each year from 2012 to 2015

Sound Financial Metrics

PLife REIT's strong balance sheet will provide the REIT financial flexibility to seize attractive opportunities offering better value amidst uncertain market conditions and competitive landscape.

Healthy Weighted Average Term To Loan Maturity Of 3.7 Years With Low Effective All-in Debt Cost Of 1.6%

  1. Total Gross Borrowings before transaction costs
  2. Total Debt divided by Total Assets
  3. As at 31 December 2015, S$1 million of short-term loan was drawn down for general working capital purposes